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Mabalive TUTORIALS  

our videos SHOW JUST how easy IT IS TO MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT ON Mabalive 

Customers tell us that Mabalive is really easy to use but if you do have any questions our 'How To'  video tutorials demonstrate exactly how to use the system and the scope of what it offers. 

If you can't find what you are looking for here, just give us a call on 0207 802 3300 and a member of our team will be glad to help.  

What does the Dashboard show me?

The first page you see when you login to Mabalive is the dashboard with reports and charts that provide you with information about your account.

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How do I navigate to live prices?

To navigate to the live prices page, click on LIVE PRICING and select EX-RACK PRICES from the drop-down menu.

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How do I place an order?

On the EX-RACK PRICES page you can select the product you want to order, for example diesel at Grays, then click the Place an order tab.

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When will my order be available at the terminal?

When placing an order, via Mabalive or over the phone, the terminal allocation will be created automatically at the terminal, and confirmation of this allocation can be viewed using the RELEASES REPORT in the dashboard.

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Can I order product to be delivered to my depot?

To order product to be delivered-in to your depot, click on LIVE PRICING and select DELIVERED PRICES from the drop-down menu. Enter the postcode for the delivery address, then complete any additional required delivery details such as site, contact, delivery date and any comments relating to the delivery. You can save the address for future use.

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How do I trigger my Intraday Contract on Mabalive?

To access your Intraday Contract on Mabalive go to the LIVE PRICING and select INTRADAY PRICES in the dropdown menu.

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Can I view a history of my recent orders?

To view a history of orders that you have placed online, go to LIVE PRICING in the main menu and select ONLINE ORDERS in the dropdown menu.

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How can I see all of my orders?

You can view all of your orders on Mabalive, including those placed online, by phone and evergreen contract orders. To view all orders go to REPORTS, then select ORDERS in the dropdown menu.

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How will I look up a specific customer reference on my orders?

You can search for a specific order reference in a number of ways.

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Can I amend the times that I receive pricing alerts?

Pricing alerts are sent via email, and you can select when you receive these alerts.

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How do I view my movements and transfers?

To view movements and transfers go to REPORTS, then select MOVEMENTS in the dropdown menu.

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What does the order balance report show me?

You can also view the unit price (excluding VAT and duty), the unit currency, the order date and the effective date the product will be available, and the release expiry at the terminal.

In addition, you can view the unit of measure – for example gross (or ambient), and the order status – ie whether it is active or complete. Finally, Term shows the payment terms such as 45 days from invoice, based on movement.

Use the page tab here to view order balances by page, or select to view more order balances on the same page. All order balance information can also be copied to a clip board, or downloaded in CSV format.

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Can I check what locations are available at the terminal, when they expire and how much volume is available?

To check available locations, expiry dates and the volume available go to REPORTS, then select RELEASES in the dropdown menu. Here you can view all releases that have been made at the terminal.

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Can I view a statement of my account and access copies of invoices?

To view a statement of your account go to REPORTS, then select INVOICES in the dropdown menu. Here you can view all transactions on your account.

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Can I view my future deliveries, or historical deliveries, volumes, order delivered etc?

To view future or historical deliveries, including volumes and orders delivered, go to REPORTS, then select DELIVERIES in the dropdown menu.

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How do I view my contractual prices?

To view your contractual prices go to REPORTS and select PRICING in the dropdown menu.

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How do I amend my user details?

To amend your user details go to MY ACCOUNT. Here you will see your user details including name and address details, contact and password. Simply select the details that you would like to change, type in the new correct information and click Save.

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What do I do when I forget my password?

If you forget your password go to the Mabalive login page and click ‘FORGOTTEN YOUR LOGIN DETAILS? Enter your email address and hit send. You will receive an email with a link to a page where you can enter your email and select a new password. Next confirm your new password, then click RESET.

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