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This is MABASERVICE - results of 2017 survey

Our 2017 customer survey has just been completed and yet again we are delighted with the results. The survey was well received and feedback has been both very positive and enlightening. 

Price, the reliability of supply, customer service and accuracy of invoicing remain key drivers, while having access to flexible payment terms, expert advice, efficient loading times and a good product range are also considered important. Our survey demonstrates that Mabanaft continues to deliver across all the above. View the key results of the survey in our infographic.

Ratings of ‘Excellent’ and ‘Good to Excellent’ are up

The number of people rating Mabanaft as either ‘excellent’ or ‘good to excellent’ has generally increased across the board, with ratings of ‘excellent’ up by 1% for customer service and 1.8% for the efficiency of loading times. Our ‘excellent’ rating for advice and expertise was up by a whopping 10.7%, demonstrating that customers value the high level of support and guidance that they receive from our experienced marketers. Ratings of ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ were also up for accuracy of invoicing (1.6%) and for flexibility of payment terms (9.9%). Extended payment terms are currently of particular interest to customers and Mabanaft has responded to this trend by offering very flexible terms.

Customer service ratings reach an all-time high

Our customer service was rated at an all-time high with 97.4% of customers rating it as ‘good’ to ‘excellent’, 97.4% also said that their requests are responded to effectively and efficiently while 100% said that they find our staff friendly and helpful. The overall number of customers rating Mabanaft’s prices as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ has also increased, up by 4.5% to 79.5%. We aim is to deliver outstanding levels of customer service backed up by competitive pricing, so this is an excellent outcome. 

This year 94.9% of respondents rated us as ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ for the reliability of supply. We have an excellent track record for managing stock and there have been no product outages in well over four years, but we will monitor performance over the coming months to see where there is room for improvement.  

More customers using online ordering 

2017 has again seen a steady increase in the percentage of customers using Mabalive, our online price information and fuel ordering service, up from 75% to 79.5%. As in previous years, we received extremely positive feedback with many customers telling us that they really appreciate having access to live up-to-date pricing and being able to get orders processed quickly and easily online.

We really do care about what our customers think of our performance and our survey provides valuable insight and helps ensure that high standards of service are being met and maintained. In a market that is over supplied, due to efficiencies in combustion engines and a growing dependence on renewable energy sources, it is imperative that we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. This years’ results indicate that we are maintaining high standards across all the aspects of trading that are within our control. We have again out-performed previous ratings and, importantly, scores remain consistently high for all of the things that customers value most.

Marketing Manager, Martin Cook said; "I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. As always, we will be taking your suggestions for improvements on board and potentially use feedback to shape future developments. Indeed, the work that is currently in progress on Mabalive was in part a result of feedback from previous surveys. It will deliver a lot of the functionality that customers are looking for, such as having access to lifting data or reporting on contract volume versus liftings. Now, in response to this survey we are also looking at providing a direct link to trading systems with automated data transfer on our new reporting portal. The plan is to launch the new portal in Autumn, so watch this space!"

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