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Online deal administration gets rave reviews

The new online account management on Mabalive is receiving fantastic reviews. Customers can now access their trading account and manage deal administration online with real-time reporting. People are telling us that it is easy to use, saves them time, and is the most advanced online system offered by fuel wholesalers in the UK. 

Transforming deal administration

Mabalive’s unique, end-to-end online service really is transforming deal administration. Our customers can view live prices, place their order, and then track deals from lifting at the terminal right through to final invoicing.

Key information and headline reports are presented in a dashboard, providing a comprehensive overview of your account. If you want to drill down, more detailed reporting is available including, purchased orders, daily movements, remaining balances to lift, expiration dates of terminal releases and current credit utilisation. There is also a comprehensive invoice history showing past and current invoices and all key reports can be copied and downloaded either in CSV or PDF format.

Our Commercial Director, Martin Cook said, "Online deal administration with real-time reporting saves so much time and allows customers to plan more effectively and improve efficiency within their business. This level of transparency also helps reduce potential errors and moves us toward 100% accuracy throughout the deal lifecycle. Our aim was to transform deal administration, judging by the positive customer feedback we are receiving we are achieving just that."

What our customers are saying

“I think Mabalive is the best system I've seen. In terms of the new functionality, it’s great having visibility of my account details such as order balances, remaining orders and credit utilisation. It really does save time, for example if I am missing an invoice, I don’t have to pick up the phone and try and get hold of the right person, I can simply view and print off a copy, which is a big advantage. I’ve always liked the convenience of being able to quickly see prices and place orders online on Mabalive; now, having all this information to hand makes it even better. It definitely makes my life easier and saves time”.

Stephen Anderson
Managing Director, Oil Fast


“As a stock accountant I find Mabalive really helpful as it gives me instant access to the accurate, detailed information that I need. I use Mabalive to check order balances and lifting reports and make sure these match. I can also look back at previous invoices (which I can search by invoice number or by deal number which is very helpful), and print copies off if I need to. It is very straightforward to use and it’s easy to find what I need. All in all, it makes it easier and quicker to do my job.”

Gosia Janik Nasadowska
Stock Accountant - Certas


“Mabalive is a market leading system. It is simple to use and saves so much time. With regards to physical deliveries into our network, our operations team can see all confirmed deliveries and volumes at the touch of a button, which is really useful. I’m more interested in seeing a snapshot of activity, and the dashboard gives me just that. It gets a big ‘Thumbs Up’ from us.“

Stephen Watson
Commercial Manager - UK Fuels


“Being Jersey based we have to provide evidence to HMRC and other UK agencies relating to exports and Mabalive is very useful for this. Now, rather than having to call and request information, we simply log in to view order dates, values and related invoices which is really useful and saves us a lot of time. Being able to view live prices and have product ordered and available for collection within 10 minutes is also great. It's very user-friendly and I really can't fault it for ease of access and speed of order processing.”

James Procter
Supply & Logistics Manager - ATF Fuels

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